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April 2012

SouthWestern Energy’s Martins Creek Water Conveyance Line

After rolling off two Horizontal Directional Drills for Talisman/Precision Pipeline / OZ Directional Drilling in the Marcellus Shale Region, Carson & Roberts DD140 crew moved their rig to Brooklyn, PA for their next project.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Southwestern Energy Company – Houston, TX
Consulting Engineer: URS Corporation – Fort Washington, PA
Project: Martins Creek Water Conveyance Line
Location: Martins Creek – Brooklyn Township, Susquehanna County, PA
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Supplier: Crestwood Tubular – St. Louis, MO
Pipe Size/Length: 1,210 ft of internally and externally coated 8″ steel water pipe in accordance with AWWA specifications
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Development (201) 230-4686,

Martins Creek was significant to Carson & Roberts because the Marketing, Engineering and Operations cycle was completed in step with our client’s requirements. Southwestern Energy Company is a client of URS. URS reached out to Carson & Roberts Business Development which led to several site visits. The purpose of these site visits was to determine entrance and exit locations and drill path while considering right of way and geography restrictions. Soon it was appropriate to have Carson & Roberts VP of Engineering, Scott Murray take over and work directly with the consulting engineers to develop the best method to complete this project utilizing our expertise and specialized equipment resulting in a plan meeting Southwestern Energy’s expectations. At this point Dan Carson, President of Carson & Roberts, got involved and visited the site adjusting and confirming the best methods to complete the project. Finally, a formal bid process was undertaken and fortunately Carson & Roberts was awarded the project. Martins Creek Project’s obstacles were the restricted entrance and exit operation areas, large, layered shale formation which was counter directional to the drill path and steep elevation. Ground water was also problematic. Dan Carson stated, “It seemed like a horizontal water well… so much water was released off the mountain after our pilot hole was completed.” The excess water was dealt with as planned and reaming process began. The pipe was welded by Carson & Roberts Welding crew and pulled back with relative ease from the exit side through the shale, cobble and casing under the creek at the entrance hole. Jamie Coffman of URS stated, “Thanks for the solid, practical engineering, open and helpful communication, and skilled and knowledgeable field crew that Carson & Roberts provided to the Martins Creek HDD waterline project.”

For information detailing URS Corporation contact and capabilities information please refer to their website:

For information detailing Southwestern Energy’s importance to gas exploration and production in the region please refer to their website:

Carson Corporation Completes Large Project in Atlantic City, NJ

Installed over a century ago, the two 36” diameter cast iron sewerage force mains transporting all of the sanitary waste out of Atlantic City, NJ, were quickly becoming a problem for their owner, Atlantic City Sewerage Company (ACSC). The ACSC made the decision to replace both aging force mains and retained Buchart-Horn to prepare the construction documents. Carson & Roberts, successfully won the contract to horizontal directional drill the replacements force main under marsh lands and the Penrose Canal in Atlantic City, NJ.

In March 2011, Carson & Roberts mobilized our million pound rig to the job site and by July 2011, successfully drilled and installed two parallel 42” diameter HDPE DR 11 force mains over 2,200 linear feet each.

Horizontal Directionally Drilling a 2,200 linear foot shot of 42” diameter O.D. is not uncommon these days; however, accomplishing it with over a 71 degrees horizontal bend in it and repeating it within 25’ of the first drill has made it the most complex drill Carson & Roberts has completed to date.

The most challenging aspect of this project was not encroaching on a property corner directly in-line of the ideal drill path. To avoid having the new force mains on someone else’s property, a path and profile was designed with an 800’ compound radius. With Horizontal Technologies providing their steering services, the pilot hole never deviated more than 2’ from the intended plan. From there, we proceeded to pull a 36” reamer down hole, followed by a 60” ream pass. After a few passes with a 48” ball, the entire 2,200 l.f. of 42” O.D. HDPE was pulled into the hole over a 12 hour period. The same process was repeated for the second drill and it was completed within a three week period.

Pushing the envelope for drilling was an understatement according to one of our most experienced drill superintendents. “The most I ever bent a drill was 60 degrees. At 71 degress, we were all walking on egg shells until we saw the pipe come out of the hole. And having to do it all over again is truly a remarkable feat.”

Such an extreme horizontal radius would not have been possible without suitable ground conditions, stated Scott Murray, P.E., Senior Vice President for Carson & Roberts Trenchless Division. At 50’ deep, the organic over burden of the marsh land and channel quickly turned into a cohansey sand layer that provided enough stability to steer the pilot. However, we did install a 12” conductor barrel through the organic layer to serve as bearing support for the drill steel. Fortunately, we had enough room to fuse and stage the entire 2,200 l.f. of product pipe prior to pullback. With the pipe filled with water, the pullback force never exceeded 150,000 pounds!

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Atlantic City Sewerage Company, Atlantic City, NJ
Project: St. James and New York Forcemain Replacements
Location: Atlantic City, Atlantic County, NJ
Prime Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Engineer/Designer: Buchart-Horn, Inc.
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, TX
Pipe Size/Length: 42″ O.D. HDPE DR11
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Developement (201) 230-4686,

Brick Township Landfill Closure

2/1/12 – Carson and Roberts continues work at the Brick Landfill located in Brick Township N.J. The project commenced in August of 2011 and will be complete by August of 2012.

Work includes:

Carson and Roberts is working hand in hand with Birdsall Engineering to manage the construction and control costs while meeting the required deadline. Several value engineering alternatives have been presented to Birdsall by Carson and Roberts which have resulted in time and money savings for the Township.

The Township expected the closure of the landfill to cost in the vicinity of $12 million. Carson and Roberts’ contract is for approximately $11.3 million and by instituting the value engineering options it is likely the final contract will be substantially less. The Council authorized up to $15 million in bonds.

French’s Landfill is a 42-acre site that is situated between the Garden State Parkway and Sally Ike Road. It was operated for over 30 years. The Township of Brick bought the site in December 1973. It last accepted waste in April 1979. In 1983, the landfill was placed on the Superfund National Priorities List. For more than 25 years, the site has been the subject of extensive testing and monitoring.

The township is now working on a plan to construct a solar panel field at the site that would be capable of producing anywhere from $2.5 million to $4.5 million a year in revenue for the taxpayers.

“We are looking at the best use for the site and which use would provide the best return for our taxpayers,” said Mayor Acropolis. “The solar panel field is an exciting plan and will provide millions of dollars of much needed revenue. Plus, it would have the benefit of turning a brownfield into a greenfield, which is being encouraged throughout the state and our nation.”

New Jersey’s Environmentally Sensitive Raccoon Creek

January 2012 – Another drill for New Jersey American Water was added to Carson & Roberts growing list of successful Horizontal Directional Drills. Contracted by Pioneer Pipe Contractors out of Pitman, New Jersey, Carson & Roberts completed the Raccoon Creek Water Main project in Logan Township in just 2 1/2 weeks, start to finish. Raccoon Creek is an environmentally sensitive tributary to the Delaware River so Carson & Roberts standard procedures of over protecting the drill site came under scrutiny as did site restoration. After demobilization was complete Matt Boeh of Underground Solutions, Inc. stated “it looked as though C&R was never there.” 1,555 lf of 16″ PVC pipe was pulled back after successful pilot and ream passes.

Installation Details and Project Summary:

Owner: New Jersey American Water, Holmdel, NJ
Project: Raccoon Creek Crossing
Location: Logan Township, Gloucester County, NJ
Design Engineer: Buchart Horn, Marlton, NJ
Pipeline Contractor: Pioneer Pipe Contractors, Sewell, NJ
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, TX
Pipe Supplier: Underground Solutions Inc. San Diego CA
Pipe Length/Size: 1,555 lf of 16″ DR 21 PVC pipe
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson -VP of Business Development (201) 230-4686

Carson & Roberts DD140 drill crew used fly cutters on two separate ream passes of 16″ and 24″ to prepare the hole. For the final swab pass a customized 20″ ball head cleaned up the hole easily. New Jersey American Water’s John Travaglini first exposure to a PVC HDD “went fast and very well!”

New Jersey American Water and PSEG Back to Back

November 2011 – Carson & Roberts completed two mid sized Horizontal Directional Drills in swift fashion this fall. Contracted by Pioneer Pipe Contractors/ New Jersey American Water and J. Fletcher Creamer and Sons/PSEG on projects with similar brief completion requirements Carson&Roberts DD140 drill crew was up for the challenge. 1400 lf of pipe was pulled in November on these two separate jobs. Not that big of a deal if not for the mobilization, set up, pipe fusion, breakdown and clean up that were also performed.

Project One consisted of Installation in MIddletown Water Main: This job was significant because Ferguson Pipe’s Bill Coon jumped through hoops to get the specified HDPE pipe on site on short notice allowing Carson&Roberts to start and complete the project in 10 working days. The swift completion of this project limited Pioneer Pipe Contractor’s support exposure keeping their project costs down.

Installation Details and Project Summary Project One:

Owner: New Jersey American Water, Holmdel, NJ
Project: Middletown Water Transmission Main
Location: Middletown Township, Monmouth County, NJ
Pipeline Contractor: Pioneer Pipe Contractors, Sewell, NJ
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, TX
Pipe Supplier: Ferguson Pipe
Pipe Length/Size: 550 lf of 28″ HDPE
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson, (201) 230-4686,

In order to move through this drill quickly and get onto the next project, Carson&Roberts DD140 drill crew used a 9 7/8″ jetting assembly and two separate ream passes of 24″ and 38″ to prepare the hole. Additionally Carson&Roberts fused the 28″ HDPE pipe with its McElroy Trackstar 900 controlling the fusion process and keeping contract costs down thus allowing for the swift completion of this project.

For a map of this project please refer to New Jersey American Water’s Website link

Project two presented a myriad of obstacles that were also no match for Carson&Roberts DD140 drill crew. 850LF of 1900 era gas line was replaced with 12 inch steel pipe. The drill rig was set up in Riverside and exited in the heavy residential area of Buttonwood St in Delanco, NJ. This project was significant because Carson&Roberts steered by 2 water mains, 2 gas mains, numerous residential laterals while dodging a low overhead electric line and installing 850 lf of 12 in steel gas pipe 25 feet under the Rancocas Creek in 8 days.

Installation Details and Project Summary Project Two:

Owner: PSEG, Newark, NJ
Project: Rancocas Creek Gas Main
Location: Riverside/Delanco, NJ
Pipeline Contractor: J. Fletcher Creamer & Sons, Hackensack, NJ
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette NJ
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, Tx
Pipe Supplier: Furnished by J Fletcher Creamer & Sons
Pipe Length/Size: 850 LF 12″ steel
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson, (201) 230-4686,

The drill crew moved efficiently by drilling a 9″ pilot hole and opened a 18 inch hole with a TNT Carbide Reamer and mud motor supplied by JT Miller, INC. of Conroe TX. Once again Carson&Roberts equipment and experience gave their clients, J. Fletcher Creamer and PSEG a solid, efficient result allowing both the owner and their contractor to eliminate the exposure of a long or overdue project and exclude the problems it can create.

For a press release on this project please refer to PSEGs website link

Princeton University Solar Project

October 2011 – Carson & Roberts completed the Princeton Solar Project extending a conduit to the existing power infrastructure. Carson & Roberts was contracted by J. Fletcher Creamer and Sons to complete the Horizontal Directional Drill and pull in the conduit. This drill is significant because Princeton University’s Solar Photo Voltaic field can now be directly linked to campus.

Installation in Princeton University’s Solar PV infrastructure. Initial mobilization into Princeton University started late in the first week of October, 2011. Pull back was completed 7:30 pm on Tuesday October 18th. The conduit now runs 1998 feet under a canal and under Carnegie Lake from West Windsor. The next stage of the project to be completed by the University will be installing a Hybrid cable that will include both 13kV power feeder and fiber optic communication cable.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Princeton University, Princeton NJ

Project: Princeton Solar PV
Location: Princeton Township, West Windsor, Mercer County NJ
Pipeline Contractor: J. Fletcher Creamer and Sons
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette NJ
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies
Pipe Size/Length: 1988 LF 6″ HDPE UL listed butt fused pipe
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill

Carson & Roberts Contact: Bob Carson (201) 230-4686

“Anticipating the high exposure and eliminating any potential pitfalls in Princeton we utilized a 11″ drilling head capable of between 4000 and 18000 PSi.” says Carson & Roberts Owner and President Dan Carson. ‘This eliminated the the need for multiple ream passes and handled Mercer County’s red shale with ease.” Once again Carson & Robert’s experience, equipment and the Drilling Crew’s hard work made for another successful Drill.

Small But Quick in West Burlington

When the first stick went in the ground on a Thursday Carson & Roberts DD140 Drill crew knew they had a chance to move quickly. How quickly is truly remarkable. Five days later on Tuesday the gasline was pulled in and demobilization completed the next day! The Drill crew quickly linked 1,488 LF of 6″ steel pipe designed to transport gas in the Updike Final Alignment for Cheasapeake Energy Corporation.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary

Owner: Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Project: Updike Final Alignment
Designer: Hanover Engineering Associates
Location: West Burlington Township, PA
Pipeline Contractor: Otis Eastern Service Inc, Wellsboro, NY
Project Manager: OZ Directional Drilling, Scottsdale, AZ
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Size/Length: 1,488’ steel pipe
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill 1,488’

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson (201) 230-4686

When asked what was remarkable about this drill Carson & Roberts President and Owner Dan Carson explained. “Not only did our crew complete the job in a timely, efficient manner, they had to work in the harsh winter environment of the Marcellus Shale region.” It turns out that when the crew first arrived on site the temperature was a frosty -5 degrees. Tough temperature to do anything let alone drill into the earth. Fortunately, the crew was rewarded with an unseasonably warm 60 degree day upon completion of the drill. With Project Managers pleased with the job, Carson & Roberts workers are off to the next project.

Massive Elevation Conquered by Carson Corporation

It is becoming more apparent to our customers that Carson & Roberts has the Equipment, Experience and the Personnel to complete even the toughest drills. The terrain proved no match for Carson & Roberts Drill crew in Jersey Shore Pa.

Installation in Chief pipeline/spread. In summer 2010, OZ Direction Drilling was contracted by Otis Eastern to provide 4 HDDS for the Poor Shot Natural Gas Pipeline in Mifflin Township, Lycoming County, PA. Subsequently OZ partnered with Carson & Roberts to complete these 12″ drills for gas transmission. A total of 4 drills has kept Carson & Roberts busy. The steep terrains and the confined drilling accesses have added to the complexity of the drills.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary

Owner: Chief Gathering LLC, A midstream Subsidiary of Chief Oil & Gas, Dallas Texas
Principal: Trevor Rees Jones
Project: Chief Pipeline
Designer: Mctisch, Kunkel and Associates Montoursville PA
Location: Mifflin Township, PA
Pipeline Contractor: Otis Eastern Service Inc, Wellsville, NY
Project Manager: OZ Directional Drilling, Scottsdale, AZ
HDD Contractor: Carson Corporation, Lafayette NJ
Pipe Size/Length: 900 LF 12” steel pipe
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill 900′ (first of 4 drills)

Carson Corporation Contact:
Bob Carson (201) 230-4686

“Typically the first drill in a string of drills like this project is always the toughest., says Carson & Roberts Owner and President Dan Carson. We were faced with a “1400′ deep embankment with a 300′ vertical drop” just to get to our drill point.” “It became apparent we needed to be a bit innovative with our approach.” Carson states. Each piece of equipment was lowered via cable tied off on a Caterpillar D-8 dozer. It was a slow process at first but workers managed to move all equipment including a 50′ equipment trailer, Tulsa Rig Iron Recycler, Mud Pump, two drill steel flat beds, an American Auger DD140 Drill Rig, Finally we skidded down another pump and a Cat 325 CL”. For a water source Carson’s crew fitted a 20000 gallon frac tank at the top of the embankment to 1400′ of 4″ poly. The gravity pressure supplied plenty of water to the drilling operation. The pilot hole was completed in several days of drill time and the final ream pass was completed and pipe pulled within 2 weeks of arriving on site.

FPVC Pipe Used for HDD Sections on New Force Main Installation in Camden County, NJ

FPVC® Pipe used for HDD Sections on New Force Main

We’re excited to be expanding our Fusible PVC™ installation base in NJ with the recent completion of 1,800LF of 12” DR18 force main installed via directional drilling in Camden County, NJ. Please feel free to call me to learn more about how Fusible PVC™ might be able to help you on your pipeline project.

Stop by and see us at AWWA ACE 2010 in Chicago at booth #449

Installation in Camden County, NJ

In spring 2010, Underground Solutions (UGSI) contracted with RNR Contractors, Inc. of Shamong, NJ to provide UGSI’s FPVC pipe and fusion services for the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) Regional Interceptor Project in Winslow Township, Camden County, NJ.

Churchill Engineering of Berlin, NJ designed the force main to include directional drill sections to cross under wooded wet lands and a culvert system. Churchill designed the open cut alignment of the force main with 12” DR18 bell & spigot PVC pipe. FPVC® pipe was selected to complete the directional drill sections to maintain material, dimensional and fittings continuity throughout the entire line. Carson & Roberts of Lafayette, NJ performed the directional drills and UGSI provided fusion services. The trenchless portion of the pipeline project was completed in March.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary

Owner: Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority
Engineer: Churchill Consulting Engineering
Project: CCMUA Regional Interceptor Project
Location: Winslow Township, NJ
General Contractor: RNR Contractors
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts
Pipe Size/Length: 1,800 LF 12” DR18 FPVC®
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill (2 Drills: 1,400’ and 400’)

UGSI Contact:

Chet Allen (724) 321-1514

The 1,400’ directional drill was achieved utilizing a walk-over tracking system requiring 2 days to drill the pilot hole, 2 days of reaming to an 18” diameter final bore hole. Scott Murray with Carson & Roberts commented: “This was our first installation with Fusible PVC pipe. Based on the successful results, I expect to see many more projects being designed with Fusible PVC.”

Riverbend District Receives Extensive Urban Makeover

A former brownfield located in Harrison, N.J., is in the process of rebirth as a mixed-use urban development, intended to serve as one of the most thickly populated areas in the northeastern corridor.

Advance Realty, headquartered in Bedminster, N.J. is the owner/developer of the 80-acre Riverbend District, which will feature approximately 2,000 for sale or rental residential units, two hotels with a total of 550 rooms, 800,000 square feet of retail, which will include large format retailers, cinema, arts and entertainment tenants, and a wellness center and health club, as well as multiple restaurants and cafes. In addition the project will include1.5 million square feet of corporate and boutique office space.

The Riverbend District is enhanced by its proximity of Red Bull Arena, currently under construction as the new home of the Red Bull soccer team as well as nearby New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) and sports and entertainment venue Prudential Center, both located across the river in Newark.

Situated in a prime riverside location, Riverbend District is only 15 minutes by rail from New York City. The District is accessible via N.J. Transit, Amtrak and PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson Authority) as well as major highways in the area.

Originally occupied by factories, remediation of the Riverbend District involved the removal of 48,000 yds (36,699 cu m) of contaminated soil, a task completed in November 2008. Site preparation work is under way as transformation of the former brownfield takes place. Carson & Roberts Site Construction and Engineering, Inc., based in Lafayette, N.J., is site development contractor for the project. The company provides a full range of horizontal directional drilling and boring services. Recent jobs using this technology include the installation of 2,254 linear feet (687 m) of 30-inch (76.2 cm) gas main under the Red River in Texas and 700 linear feet (213,4 m) of 24-inch (61 cm) water main under a creek in southern New Jersey.

More recently the company carried out a large utility contract for Skanska USA Building at the New Meadowlands Stadium, were subcontracted by the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company to perform all site improvements associated with Target, Best Buy and Whole Foods in Union, N.J., and are in the process of completing a site project in Piscataway, N.J., for the Holder Construction Company, general contractor for the construction of a 300,000 sq. ft. data center for DuPont Fabros. Completed projects include Lowes in East Rutherford and East Brunswick, The Shoppes at Old Bridge and Paramus’ Garden State Plaza, all in New Jersey.

Carson Corporation began work on the site on April 15, 2009 and are on schedule for an estimated time of completion in the fourth quarter of 2009, having completed (late July) site demolition, clearing, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water main installation, and electric and telephone duct bank installation. Work currently being carried out includes earthwork, paving, curbs, sidewalks, landscaping and site lighting.

“We have approximately 40 employees working on this job,” John J. Roberts, partner of Carson & Roberts, said. “Our equipment fleet includes Caterpillar 345, 330, 325 and 314 excavators; 303 mini excavator and 416 rubber tire backhoes, as well as Caterpillar IT-28 and IT-38 loaders and D8, D6 and D5 bulldozers.”

“We’re also fielding International water and site dump trucks, Wacker trench compactors, and a Caterpillar AP 1055 paver and 543 roller in addition to a groundwater treatment system and holding tanks,” he added.

Carson Corporations’ subcontractors include Edison, N.J.’s Assuncao Brothers, Inc., which is responsible for curbs and sidewalks, and the Kemsco Construction and Equipment Company, Inc., of Newark, N.J., who are handling electric and telephone work. Rockborn Trucking and Excavation, Inc., headquartered in Wharton, N.J., is carrying out the paving run.

A critical component of the project is the installation of the reinforced concrete box culvert, which comprises approximately 60 percent of the storm sewer piping. Carson & Roberts recently employed Piscataway, N.J., based Foley, Inc. to perform a certified rebuild on a Caterpillar 345 BL excavator, the critical machine for this culvert installation.

Eric Cliff, customer support representative of Foley, Inc., has been working with Carson & Roberts for about four years. As part of his service he carries out timely repairs to their equipment, but for this project his role was somewhat different.

“I rebuilt Carson & Roberts’ 345 Caterpillar excavator enough to bring it up to speed for this job, as they need its size and production for the work,” he said. “It’s not a complete rebuild but involved replacing certain components. The job took about 150 hours of labor”. “The machine’s response was extremely slow because of weak hydraulics,” he added. “The repairs brought the machine back up to Caterpillar’s specifications, giving it like-new cycle times and breakout force.”

After the repair was completed, the excavator could excavate and set the box culvert, which weighed 10 tons (9 t) per 10 ft. (3 m) section, and was installed 12 ft. (3.6 m) below grade. “Both Carson & Roberts and Foley, Inc. worked together to make sure the machine was working at its best and that the job can be completed successfully. It was key to have the machine rebuilt and we are satisfied with the outcome,” Roberts stated.

Several difficulties had to be overcome by Carson & Roberts when carrying out its work. “The new utilities are being installed at significant depths, and the site’s close proximity to the Passaic River and the high water table results in a significant amount of groundwater encountered during trench excavations,” Roberts explained. “As a result, we needed to utilize several large pumps to effectively dewater the trenches. In addition, we found that the groundwater fluctuates in accordance with the tides. Knowing when low tide is and scheduling work accordingly reduces the challenges associated with ground water and trench excavations.” “In addition, prior to starting this construction we also took added precautions to identify and locate all the existing buried utilities. In many instances, the existing utilities were in direct conflict with the new infrastructure to be installed,” he added. “We worked together with the owner and design team to quickly resolve the conflicts and eliminate any potential damage to the existing utilities.”

“Also, this project must be done in conjunction with the completion of the Red Bulls Soccer Stadium. To meet the project’s aggressive completion date we prepared a detailed construction schedule that allows for the logical progression of the work and helps our project managers and foremen ensure the project is always ahead of schedule,” Roberts added. Carson & Roberts’ portion of the overall project carries an approximately $12 million price tag, funded by the New Jersey Environmental Trust (EIT), the Harrison Redevelopment Agency (HRA) and private sources. Vertical construction at the Riverbend Project is slated to begin in 2011.

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