Governor’s Island – Video

Carson Corporation is a leader in Horizontal Directional Drilling. This installment of Carson’s “Latest Dirt” features drilling beneath the Buttermilk Channel to bring potable water to Governors Island. Mayor Bloomberg plans to make the island one of the premier tourist destinations in the New York Harbor.

An Educated Approach for Berkshire Gas

160 year old Berkshire Gas Company provides gas for 38,000 customers while maintaining 1500 miles of natural gas mains and services. To service nearby Amherst College and UMass, BGC required that a 6″ main be supplemented with a 12″ main under the Connecticut River in Hatfield, Massachusetts. Many river crossings are similar in that cobble turns to saturated sand and back to cobble again. Throw in some unknown formations that were undetected by pre drill geo-technical investigations and a straight forward project could have turned ugly. These previously unknown conditions gave way to technology and experience. Like a collegiate handling a heavy course load Carson Corporation‘s DD140 crew came up with the right answer.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Berkshire Gas Company, Pittsfield, Ma
Project: Connecticut River Crossing
Location: Hadley/Hatfield, Ma
Pipeline Contractor: J.S. Rae Construction, Shelburne, Ma
HDD Contractor: Carson Corporation, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Supplier: By Owner
Pipe Size/Length: 1,680 lf Connecticut River Crossing-12” Coated Steel-Induron Warrior 100 Coating-Designed for HDD
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, TX

David M. Grande- Berkshire Gas Company – Director – Gas Engineering and System Operations stated:

“The Connecticut River Crossing for Berkshire Gas Company located in Western Massachusetts presented the Company with both timing and permitting challenges associated with the proposed construction using HDD technology. Carson Corporation met all of those challenges by performing the project on time and meeting all of the environmental requirements. We were very pleased with the expertise and professionalism of Carson Corporation.”

Carson Corporation Contact Information:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Development
(201) 230-4686,

Horizontal Directional Drill Video

Capabilities Overview Video

Land, Ho! Bringing Potable Water to Governors Island

Carson Corporation’s latest project, Governors Island Potable Water Source and Distribution Phase I is recognized in Local Blog:

Blog by: / J. Hand

At approximately 11:00AM last Wednesday, our drilling contractor broke ground on Governors Island… except they did it from the ground up!
Horizontal Directional Drill.


Is that a submarine poking out in front of the old commissary? No, it’s a horizontal directional drill seeing daylight for the first time in weeks after burrowing underneath the Harbor, all the way from Red Hook, Brooklyn.

This “peek-a-boo” moment marks an exciting milestone in our effort to restore potable water to Governors Island. By the end of this year, over 2300 linear feet of new water pipe will be installed beneath the Buttermilk Channel. In 2014, our dedicated crew will continue to expand the potable water network throughout the north portion of the Island, as well as to the newly constructed park and public space. There’s more work to be done, but we are on schedule to ensure that potable water is fully restored by the end of next year. Future tenants and visitors can look forward to taking a sip of delicious Brooklyn water!

Carson Corporation Unveils New HDD Rig and New Name

A new DD440T right off the American Augers production line was added to Carson’s rig line-up this spring. This rig was purchased to handle Carson’s burgeoning work load. Carson Corporation is now the new name for what used to be known as Carson & Roberts Site Construction and Engineering, Inc. Carson Corporation is focused on Horizontal Drilling and Civil Construction. This new name helps separate the Corporation from outfits which are ill-equipped to complete large scale projects that include Horizontal Directional Drilling and engineered construction projects. “The advantage customers have when utilizing Carson Corporation is we can not only handle single drill projects, but also jobs that include large scale civil construction designs that also have HDD’s specified within the scope of that design”, claimed Bob Carson, VP of Business Development. “Over 70 pieces of heavy equipment and scores of support vehicles allows Carson Corporation to pursue this new market.” The addition of the DD440T compliments Carson Corporation’s ability to service both segments of these markets. The New DD440T was delivered right to a pipeline extension outside of Williamsport, PA. Carson Corporation drilled a 1,193 ft shot of 12″ Gas Pipe for Meridian Energy, LLC.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: PVR Marcellus Gas Gathering, LLC
Consulting Engineer: McTish, Kunkel & Associates, Pittsburgh, Pa
Project: Wistar Pipeline Extension Natural Gas Pipeline
Location: Lycoming County, PA
Pipeline Contractor: Meridian Energy, LLC, Randolph, NY
HDD Contractor: Carson Corporation, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Supplier: By Owner
Pipe Size/Length: Wistar Pipeline Ext. 12” Steel Pipeline, 1,193 lf
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, TX

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Development (201) 230-4686,

Tim Monk, Carson Corporation’s HDD Supervisor, was pleased with the DD440T’s performance. Relatively few issues were experienced and set up problems did not occur. Additionally Meridian Energy’s pipeline construction personnel were easy to work with. All this led to another drill completed on schedule.

Snow and Rock in the Granite State

The Piscataqua River is a 12-mile long tidal estuary formed by the confluence of Salmon Falls and Cocheo River. The river runs along the border of New Hampshire and Maine emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. Spanning the Piscataqua River from Newington to Dover is the newly constructed New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s (NHDOT) Spaulding Turnpike, Little Bay Bridge (RT 4). Rather than attaching a vital Unitil (Granite State Gas) gas main to this new bridge the trenchless technology method of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) was selected to install the gas main under the Piscataqua River.

Unitil (AKA, Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.) selected Carson Corporation as the preferred HDD contractor after a extensive prequalification and competitive bidding process.

Despite having to work through the harsh New Hampshire winter and drilling over 2,500 l.f. in 30,000 psi granite Carson Corporation completed this project on time as mandated by the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game.

Guided by the latest gyroscope steering technology and a redundant traditional wire line, Carson Corporation drilled a “rifle barrel” of a bore hole that never deviated more than 2’ from the intended horizontal and vertical alignment.

In addition to the HDD, Carson Corporation was also responsible for welding, coating, x-raying, hydrostatically testing and pigging the pipeline in strict accordance with Unitil’s PLS-101 Pipeline Construction Specification.

Having drilled in New Hampshire previously, provided Carson Corporation with knowledge and expertise to successfully complete this challenging drill with ease.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Unitil, Hampton, New Hampshire
Consulting Engineer: JD Hair, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Pipeline Designer: BL Companies, Meridian, Connecticut
Project: NHDOT Relocation Spaulding Turnpike, Little Bay Bridge Gas Pipeline
Location: Newington to Dover, New Hampshire
HDD Contractor: Carson Corporation, Lafayette, New Jersey
Pipe Supplier: Pipe by Owner
Pipe Size/Length: Piscataqua River Crossing, 2,500′ 10″ steel gas pipe
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, TX

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Development (201) 230-4686,

Twin Bill – Aqua Pennsylvania Enhances Water System in Bensalem, PA

Aqua Pennsylvania was founded as the Springfield Water Company on January 4, 1886, when a group of Swarthmore College professors received a charter to supply water to the residents of Springfield Township, Delaware County. From there the Group has grown through acquisition and expansion. Recently Aqua Pennsylvania’s water system in Bensalem was enhanced by Horizontal Directional Drilling under the Neshaminy Creek and under roadways and within restricted right of ways. Carson & Roberts was contracted to complete two drills. The first drill, beneath the Neshaminy Creek was completed by drilling through 20,000 psi rock and a buried debris field.

This debris field played havoc with Carson & Roberts guidance system. Despite this unexpected guidance interference Carson & Roberts was able to stay within the restricted right of way with the pilot hole. Not an easy task. Finally two ream passes and pullback completed this difficult drill. The Turnpike Crossing Drill was next. Similar rock to the first drill was piloted and a single ream pass expedited completion of this drill and pullback. Carson & Roberts was able to turn over completed operational water lines to Aqua, Pa as contracted.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Aqua Pennsylvania, Byrn Mawr, PA
Consulting Engineer: STV Incorporated, Douglassville, PA
Project: Neshaminy Crossing & PA Turnpike Crossing
Location: Bensalem, PA
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Supplier: Underground Solutions Inc, San Diego, Ca
Pipe Size/Length: Neshaminy Creek Crossing 1000′ of fPVC 24″ / Turnpike Crossing 1600′ of fPVC 16″
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, TX

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Development (201) 230-4686,

Dan Carson, President of Carson & Roberts and Operations Manager said, “the 20,000 psi rock required the correct combination of reamer sizes and ream passes. Once the combination was selected and the pilot was complete the drills were straight forward.”Mike Perez supervisor of Carson & Robert’s American Auger DD1100 maxi rig dedicated himself and his crew to getting thru the hard rock. Dan Carson gave high praise to their efforts.

Susquehanna River Crossing – Familiar Territory

The Mighty Susquehanna River has a reputation for giving fits to Horizontal Directional Drilling contractors. Carson & Roberts has completed many river crossings and some of the more significant projects are the Red River on the Texas/Oklahoma border, the Shark River in New Jersey and the Susquehanna River in Oswego, New York. These projects give Carson & Roberts a wealth of knowledge when it comes to drilling a large river project. The US Army Corps of Engineers demands professional support to process and detail all aspects of a project under their authority. This was exactly the case with this Horizontal Directional Drilling project. Fortunately Carson & Roberts support staff is used to this increased scrutiny as our Site Division recently completed the US Army Corps of Engineers Motor Pool Relocation Project in West Point NY.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Towanda Municipal Authority, Towanda, PA, Wysox Borough, Wysox, PA
Engineering Authority: US Army Corps of Engineers USACE District, Baltimore, MD
Consulting Engineer: Stiffler, McCraw, Holidaysburg, PA
Project: Towanda-Wysox Waterline Extension Project
Location: Towanda Borough, Bradford County, PA
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Supplier: Lee Supply, Charleroi, PA
Pipe Size/Length: 1600′ of 14″ DR11 HDPE DIPS
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, TX

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Development (201) 230-4686,

The Towanda-Wysox Waterline Extension project required Horizontal Directional Drilling under the mighty Susquehanna River. Towanda is on the western shore and Wysox begins on the eastern shore. The project began with casing being driven on the Towanda entrance side through the unstable shoreline and cobble. Casing was also driven in on the Wysox exit side as specified. 1600′ of DR11 14″ HDPE pipe was utilized for this project because the tight radius on the exit side tail string required its flexible attributes. Unstable cobble offered up by the river’s shorelines was no match for our American Auger DD1100. The drill was continued after boring through the changing conditions of clay and shale. This straightforward HDD was completed successfully and to the satisfaction of Towanda Municipal Authority, Wysox Borough and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Engineered for Excellence

April 2012

SouthWestern Energy’s Martins Creek Water Conveyance Line

After rolling off two Horizontal Directional Drills for Talisman/Precision Pipeline / OZ Directional Drilling in the Marcellus Shale Region, Carson & Roberts DD140 crew moved their rig to Brooklyn, PA for their next project.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Southwestern Energy Company – Houston, TX
Consulting Engineer: URS Corporation – Fort Washington, PA
Project: Martins Creek Water Conveyance Line
Location: Martins Creek – Brooklyn Township, Susquehanna County, PA
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Supplier: Crestwood Tubular – St. Louis, MO
Pipe Size/Length: 1,210 ft of internally and externally coated 8″ steel water pipe in accordance with AWWA specifications
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Developement (201) 230-4686,

Martins Creek was significant to Carson & Roberts because the Marketing, Engineering and Operations cycle was completed in step with our client’s requirements. Southwestern Energy Company is a client of URS. URS reached out to Carson & Roberts Business Development which led to several site visits. The purpose of these site visits was to determine entrance and exit locations and drill path while considering right of way and geography restrictions. Soon it was appropriate to have Carson & Roberts VP of Engineering, Scott Murray take over and work directly with the consulting engineers to develop the best method to complete this project utilizing our expertise and specialized equipment resulting in a plan meeting Southwestern Energy’s expectations. At this point Dan Carson, President of Carson & Roberts, got involved and visited the site adjusting and confirming the best methods to complete the project. Finally, a formal bid process was undertaken and fortunately Carson & Roberts was awarded the project. Martins Creek Project’s obstacles were the restricted entrance and exit operation areas, large, layered shale formation which was counter directional to the drill path and steep elevation. Ground water was also problematic. Dan Carson stated, “It seemed like a horizontal water well… so much water was released off the mountain after our pilot hole was completed.” The excess water was dealt with as planned and reaming process began. The pipe was welded by Carson & Roberts Welding crew and pulled back with relative ease from the exit side through the shale, cobble and casing under the creek at the entrance hole. Jamie Coffman of URS stated, “Thanks for the solid, practical engineering, open and helpful communication, and skilled and knowledgeable field crew that Carson & Roberts provided to the Martins Creek HDD waterline project.”

For information detailing URS Corporation contact and capabilities information please refer to their website:

For information detailing Southwestern Energy’s importance to gas exploration and production in the region please refer to their website: