PSE&G Kearny 69kV Hackensack River HDD Crossing

Carson Corporation combines Horizontal Directional Drilling expertise with utility crew’s work ethic to complete the Kearny 69kV Hackensack River HDD Crossing, Vaults, Duct Bank and Conduit Work for PSE&G.

Owner: PSE&G
Installation Details and Project Summary:
Engineer: Mustang Engineering, Houston, TX
Project: 30” Steel Casing, Bundled Conduit on Casing Spacers with Thermal Grout
Location: Kearny and Jersey City, under Hackensack River

General Contractor: Carson Corporation

HDD Contractor: Carson Corporation
Pipe Size: 30” Steel
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drilling
Underground Devices: Custom Casing Spacers
Constellation Group: Thermal Grout

On budget and on schedule is a recurring theme for Carson Corporation.  Both critical project components when contracted by a major utility. Carson Corporation strives to satisfy our client base.  We did that again…..

John Gilday from PSE&G

Now that the Hackensack River 69kv HDD project is complete I wanted to write to let you know that your crew did an excellent job with what everyone involved agrees was a tough project.

Through each step of this project, from the initial relocation of the underground utilities in the Kearney Peaking Station, handling of the large volumes of groundwater that was encountered, through the installation of the 200’ x 54” conductor barrels at the drill exit and entrance points, the HDD installation of 1800’ of 36” steel casing pipe beneath the Hackensack River, the installation of manholes, the intricate and difficult insertion of the conduit bundle through the casing pipe, right through to the final restoration, Carson’s field crews and leadership team did an excellent job under what at times were difficult conditions. Throughout the project your team was always professional, responsive to any requests and a pleasure to work with.

I wish you and your team continued success and I look forward to working with Carson Corp. in the future

John Gilday – PSEG
UG Construction Specialist
Delivery Projects and Construction- Palisades Division


Carson Corporation Contact:
Bob Carson-VP of Business Development (201) 230-4686,